I'm putting my queer shoulder to the wheel. 


I'm a writer, educator, and curator born in Medellín, Colombia and currently living in Brooklyn, New York engaged at many intersections: of words and images, of queerness and migration, of theory and practice. 

I sort through the world with a bag full of notebooks and drafts often too heavy on my shoulders.

I have stanzas of poetry floating around in my head. 

One of the poems I come back to again and again is  Allen Ginsberg's "America."  Its quips and concerns end with this line of driven self-determination and creation: "America, I'm putting my queer shoulders to the wheel." 

This insisting queering bleeds into my writing, programming, and teaching. I’m committed to community building, particularly in art spaces.


(Photo: Jonathan Dorado, 2018)

(Photo: Jonathan Dorado, 2018)